The Physalis plant is a popular hardy perennial with its cheerful lanterns, which can also be kept very well in pots, window boxes, on the terrace or on the balcony. Even indoors, she feels at home for some time.
After appearing from small creamy-white, rather inconspicuous flowers, green lanterns quickly form, which turn orange in the early autumn to small miracles of nature. To pursue this fascinating process of change weekly is joy and enthusiasm at the same time. As a very hardy perennial it is known as a very easy to keep plant with few claims. Although botanically it is not described as poisonous, the lanterns are in contrast to the yellow-fruited varieties not edible! In the dried state, which are best suited well orange colored lanterns, they are one of the most beautiful components of the decoration of the summer until Christmas. Between decorative pumpkins and ornamental corn, to fairy lights and accessories in arrangements - there are no limits to your imagination. Even whole branches have a long vase life.
In October, plants that used to be in pots or window boxes were planted in the ground. It is not very demanding on the ground, but should have a too dark location. Although it stores water in its roots, it should be watered during dry periods. The physalis proliferates through subterranean spurs. If they do not want this spread, they stab the plant with a sharp spade once in October and again in March or April. If some shoots get too long or get in the way, trim them or simply cut branches just above the ground. 
We wish you a lot of fun with our Physalis Oriental Orange.

Specification: Physalis alkengii

Location: Full sun to partial shade
Care: little demanding, hardy to -25 degrees Celsius
Use: suitable as a cut flower
Growth height: 60-100 cm

Decorating with physalis

The lanterns of the Physalis are suitable in the green or orange stage for many decorative ideas: attached to fairy lights, used as a wall decoration, for filled glasses or in floral arrangements. Also, whole branches with lanterns in the vase are very durable. There are no limits to your imagination here.
We wish you a lot of fun with our Physalis Oriental Orange.